Selling Procedure

Selling procedure in our platform:
1.    Tell us about your business by registering in our marketplace.
2.    Once registered, list your product in Nutajir marketplace.
3.    Start receiving orders.
4.     Fulfillment by Nutajir which means we will store, pack, ship, provide customer service for your products.
5.    Get timely payments directly to your bank account.
By availing above services from, your organization will be benefited as below: 
1.    Grow in your business:
Nutajir enables you to reach out to thousands of new customers in new geographical areas thus helps you generate more revenue and more brand exposure
2.    No enrolment fees:
Nutajir provides you with an easy and convenient registration process; no payment until you make sales
3.    Hassle free shipping:
Nutajir ensures a smooth and fast delivery process to achieve satisfactory customer journey
4.    Secure & timely payment:
At Nutajir, we guarantee a secure and timely payment to our prestige sellers
5.Customised services:
Nutajir will not only market the online platform but can provide a customized campaigns using our multiple marketing channels to help grow your sales volume and brand exposure opt below marketing strategies:
·         Social Media (share and win campaigns), number of likes, new product launches, comments and communication)
·         Email Marketing
·         Website (database collection, order tracking, push notification, google remarketing and google banner campaign
·         App integration (coming soon)
·         Traditional marketing (newspaper ads, billboards, distribution of flyers, newspapers inserts, awareness campaign at different educational institutions, etc.)