Ear-cuff Earring with Kundon Stone and Moti Work

৳ 350

Great choice for a square face where the width of your forehead, cheeks and jawline. Pick earrings that will soften the sharp edges of your face-earrings that are medium to long in length and have rounded edges.

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• Wear Them as a Beautiful Bridal Accessory, or as Cute Bridesmaid Gifts for Your Best Friends and Bridal Party
• Adjustable Sizes. Slide over Your Ear Lobe and Pinch Lightly for a Snug Fit
• Top off Your Look with This Spectacular Pair of Earrings
• Coordinate Them with Your Favorite Outfit for a Brilliant and Lively Appearance
• Add a Perfect Touch of Blush to Your Delightful Persona with These Earrings

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