Nido Fortified Full Cream Milk Powder 900g

৳ 2100

School years are fundamental to a child’s future. There’s so much for them to discover and learn, to eventually pursue their own path in life. That’s why NIDO® FortiGrow is the tailor-made fortified powder milk designed specifically for school-age kids to support their physical, mental, and social development. So mom, rest assured that with your love and our nutrition your child is getting the best.

Brand: Nestle Nido
SKU: 31
Sold by: Kids 360 Degree

NIDO FORTIFIED with FortiGrow™contains high-quality protein, which is of critical importance to overall growth and development. High-quality protein has essential amino acids, that your child needs, but their bodies are unable to produce on their own. It also contains the perfect balance of vitamins and minerals including Calcium, Vitamin D, Iron, and Vitamin C to provide the daily nourishment that your child needs.

Product Type: Fortified Full Cream Milk Powder
Brand: Nido
ForiGrow: It has High-Quality Protein, Iron, Calcium, Vitamin d & vitamin C, etc.

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